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Estate Planning/Wills and Trusts/Probate

Nothing is more important than protecting our loved ones and their interests.  Peace of mind comes with knowing you have provided for them. With over 30 years of estate planning experience, The Reich Law Firm can assist you in creating your own estate plan, whether that means simply drafting a will, or providing more detailed advice and documents like trusts or powers of attorney. Likewise, if a probate matter arises or if you have a dispute related to an estate, our firm is available to provide representation before the probate court.

As with most things, the services we provide and the correct course of action will depend on your situation, assets and goals.  If all you need is a simple will, we can prepare one for you.  On the other hand, if you want a trust or more detailed planning, we can assist you in that regard as well.   

Often, families or individuals are interested in setting up a living trust which can allow families to avoid the substantial costs of probating an estate and the delays inherent in the court process.  Other documents, such as powers of attorney for health care, can specify how to handle difficult medical decisions near the end of life.  Durable powers of attorney for financial decisions, for example, can, in the right circumstances, help a family to manage property when an elder is no longer capable of doing so, without the formal process of seeking to establish a conservatorship through court.                 

We at The Reich Law Firm have helped a great many people though these decisions, and are ready to counsel you through these important choices as well.   

We understand that often estate planning issues come up at very difficult times in our clients’ lives.  Because of that, our attorneys are available for home or hospital visits related to estate planning needs.